From vintage to modern day military aircraft flying actual missions or just for fun
Fly the big boys, commercial airliners and long, medium and short hall
Fly general aircraft bush hops and general flight  in light aircraft.


We are a free flight community with everyone welcome just take your time and join us in multiplayer flight or just use the site and features to do your own thing. No pressure just be curious to others and follow good aviation practices.
Multiplayer & Free Flight
The site offers and number of activities and ways to enjoy flightsim, either in a multiplayer environment or solo in a free flight flying you own flight plans or by joining our online virtual airline in FSEconomy.

We post details of flight plans for our multiplayer, and free flight sessions which you can follow if you wish. We have short hops to long haul flight plans and multi hop flight plans specially put together for our around the world flights.

Our Virtual Airlines in FSE is SimAviators with several subgroups and is a way of giving purpose for solo flying with carrying passengers and cargo to earn virtual money.
Our Training section is there to help with basic training and some of the more technical aspects of flightsim and computer set up. All help queries are welcome, we have all been through the training curve and still learning as we go on, so please don’t be afraid to ask if you need help, we have setup a facebook page to enable you to ask direct questions if we have not covered the topics in our FAQ area.
We are setting up an area for the download of freeware aircraft, scenery, plight plans and other addons with reviews of freeware and payware. You will be able to download freeware and we will point you in the direction of sites where you can purchase teh payware itesm.  
Keep revisiting these pages as there are new downloads being frequently added.
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Latest News
  1. MAR/APR
    Facebook and Twitter
    We will be announcing new Facebook and twitter sites which you will be able to join to get the very latest news and updates.
  2. 25 MAR
    Site goes live
    We have great news with the return of the SimAviators website. After a number of years away due to family and work commitments. The site will be under constant development of the next few months but we hope you will see a new and improved site in comparison from the old site that was. Technology has moved on and so has our understanding of putting a site together.
  3. APR
    Downloads site
    During April we will be developing and new download facility for freeware aircraft for FS9/FSX/P3D
  4. TBA
    Watch this space
  5. TBA
    Watch this space
  6. TBA
    Watch this space